She was smaller and more timid than the others. The kids are attached already. They are so beautiful! I definitely recommend buying from this farm! 9 years ago. If a comb is present, it should look like a ‘walnut’, being almost circular in appearance. Absolutely am in love and will definitely be reordering in the future! I was so excited to pick them up. Red Silkies are not common, but they do exist, and are often confused with Buff Silkies. Anyway, I couldn't be happier with my experience. Any idea what color this chick will turn out to be? They were packaged great. However they just got attacked by a hawk. I'm going order more now. Our baby chicks are doing perfectly fine! Below is 7 ways to help and 9 more that might give you an idea. All 6 Silkie Chicks showed up alive and well and we couldn’t be happier with our experience using Feather Lover Farms! May 21, 2018 - View different Silkie chicken colors while reading interesting tidbits of information about this unique chicken breed. your own Pins on Pinterest The feathers are said to feel like satin or silk, thus the name “silkie chicken”. Ordered 5 and was sent 6. All chicks are alive and well.... and they even surprised me with an extra one!! Bad customer service, over priced, and apparently not good genetic quality. And our 4 silkies are soooo fluffy and sweet! They are adorable. By crossing Red X Black = White, Black, Splash, Gray, and Partridge? Price and other details may vary based on size and color. With each order we got a mix of colors/sexes. One had pasty butt for one day but after we got her cleaned up and they we able to relax from the stress of travel everyone was perfectly fine! They were introduced to the United States around the late 1800. Thank you FLF!!!! Not to mention it takes them over a week to respond to emails. Poor guys were terrified when I got them, but they calmed down shortly after I got them out of the box. Received 6 Silkies and one Ayam Cemani on April 29th. We let them run around and all are so adorable! They are growing each day and I can’t wait to see what they will be like as mature chickens! Thank you!!! I couldn't be happier! One died 4 day's after I received them.. HOME BLOG ABOUT CHICKENS MY ACCOUNT CHICKEN HELP CONTACT US. Sale. Colours of Silkie recognised for competitive showing include black, blue, buff, grey, partridge, and white. Very pleased with Feather Lover Farms! A Silkie roosters’ plumage is not only unique looking for a chicken, but it’s also different from a silkie hen and one of the ways you can tell a mature male from a female. 1:32. None of the following genes are sex-linkable. Add to cart. Red should come from the dominate gene Mahogany (Mh). I am pleased with the three I have. Enjoying our new chicks. Our packaging is professional with a brand new chick shipping box, nesting material and warm long lasting heat packs depending on the time of the year. Most people who have paints for the first time will breed a paint to a true dark black silkie. Much like other roosters, but it’s a little harder to tell with all the fluffy plumage. We started with little dots of food coloring to tell the chickens apart, but we moved onto full dye jobs and we've had a great time. Ordered 3 Silkies, received 3 plus a bonus chick, not sure the breed, but still cute. $ 39.00 Adore 12" Standing Puffy The Silkie Chicken Plush Stuffed Animal Toy. Great little chicks! Omg so happy with my silkies. Silkie hens make wonderful mothers and can even adopt baby ducks if given the chance. According to the breed standard, as per the American Poultry Association, accepted Silkie colors are white, black, blue, buff, partridge and splash. Definitely will be using you again. All about Silkies: appearance, personality, colours, eggs, care, where to buy - everything you need to know! Whittni-I am a bit lost by what you are saying. I highly recommend Feather Lovers Farms! I ordered 3 and only 2 survived. Thanks. During breeding you will get Silkie chicks that don't meet the APA standard of perfection. Choose 2-3% vegetable-based food coloring. Merry Christmas SALE - Add To Cart For 20% OFF 2021 Chick Orders, Regular price But they are eating and drinking and want to listen to me . Thank you so much they bring sweet happiness to our family. Thank you so much. They all appear to be healthy and doing well here on day two after arrival. Personality: If you're looking for a friendly, chatty, sweet-natured poultry pal as a first bird for your children or a companion for yourself, you may just have found your ideal. The fuzzy top hat on their head giving them lack of sight probably helps with them being such a tame docile chicken breed. I am not a chicken geneticist. Silkie Chicken Colors in Pictures. Most of our flocks are bearded but there's a small chance you can receive chicks that are non-bearded as well. We ordered 5 silkies, all are alive and well. All are eating / drinking and alert! Would definitely order from them again in the future. They arrived so well packaged and completely healthy. The smaller 2, Nugget and Olive, were weak upon arrival, and after extensive nursing and care, did not survive the first day. Only a couple with pasty butt that cleared as soon as I cleaned them. This is our second order from feathers lover farm and we are super happy. The response I just received was to leave a review. I highly recommend using this company! The shipping was extremely fast! We washed her up, dried her off and now she is good as new. They are also prone to becoming broody on their eggs so collecting their eggs often will make it less likely for them to go broody on a nest full of eggs if you don't want them to hatch their eggs. We love these sweet chicks! They are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen! They are considered poor layers, giving only 2-3 eggs per week. $39.99 $ 39. And I’m thrilled that each was a different color! They are just the cutest little fluffy chicks you've ever seen. They are all super adorable and and fluffy, would love to order more! Also, Recessive White X Extended Black = Splash, Gray, and White offspring? Some chicks will be pet quality. After settling into a bigger enclosure with food, water, and a heat lamp they seem better. I’m the first time chicken owner and I’m very glad I used the Feather Liver Farm to purchase my birds. If your silkie hen goes broody and attempts to hatch her own eggs, they make excellent chicken mothers. Your chicks will look like they just hatched out of a nest when you open the box and jump into your arms, thinking you are their mother hen! They shipped on a Wednesday and arrived Friday. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. One of each color. Amazon's Choice for silkie chicken. A perfect addition to any backyard chicken flock as well as an absolute child favorite and perfect for first time chicken owners! You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. However, I will attempt to answer your question. Red leaking may occur. They originate in China and are the most popular and most desired chicken breed of all ornamental chicken breeds and its easy to tell why. I have a "red" silkie rooster, and a black silkie hen. The chicks arrived in less then 24 hours after we got the shipping number. My four silkies - Billie, Madonna, Dolly, and Elvis - are thriving! I’m a little disappointed I recd all the same color silkie and the only buff one was recd dead. This means that they are miniature versions of standard-sized chickens. How many eggs do they lay? Is it safe to keep my lovebirds near the kitchen if I get rid of my teflon pans and are ovens okay to use around them? This is a photo of them at week two peering at me from the corner of the brooder where they congregated when I bent down to take a photo. Thank you!!! The British Poultry Association has yet … Get answers by asking now. One chick didn’t make it after 3 days but the rest are thriving and changing everyday. :’( just a day after I got it. Silkie Chicken Colors. Many of our breeders are from show quality breeding stock but we can't guarantee all chicks you will receive will be show quality. First order we we received 5 they will be 3 weeks old and they are all healthy and active. we LOVE our baby chicks we ordered 6 babies one didn't make it I couldn’t be happier with my four Silkie chicks! This variety is recognized by the American Poultry Association for bearded Silkies only. See more ideas about silkie chickens, chickens, bantam chickens. I will be back:). I know it happens but we are sad :(. Thank you. I was a little disappointed that they were all black. Be safe and be healthy! Our two little silkies arrived earlier than expected and chirping away! Weight.05 lbs: Dimensions: 3 × 2 × 3 in : Reviews There are no reviews yet. #backyardchickens #silkiechickens #homesteading #chickenbreedswithpictures. Very dissapointing. Jul 29, 2017 - Explore rocky5gsd's board "Silkie Chickens" on Pinterest. Silkie chickens are a bantam (smaller) breed of chicken that are known for their fluffy, adorable feathers. Oddly, Silkie roosters are much less likely to crow when there are other roosters present. We can not take special orders of a certain color Silkie yet so for now you will receive an assortment of silkie chick colors. The fastest way to get our best-selling Silkie bantam baby chicks! I just received my new fluffy healthy chicks. I'm so pleased with my adorable new little friends. They also have black skin, bones and dark meat. Birds are cute, what bird species do you like. Love our chicks!!! I ordered four silkies and love them. Couldn't be happier! But then I found out that 4 of my 5 chickens were ROOSTERS. I had questions before the chicks arrived and this company was quick to answer my emails in less than 24 hours. All healthy and happy as could be. They all survived the trip to New York and are now 10 days old and happy and healthy. The 3 babies that made it are sweet and healthy. If your rooster is from Blue/Splash Heritage then Blue or Splash may show in place of the black. Remove these from the flock and do not allow them to breed with your breeding stock. The comb coloring should be black or dark mulberry – any other color and it is not a pure Silkie.They have oval shaped turquoise blue earlobes and dark colored wattles. Unfortunately, the white chick has splay leg (which is why only 4 stars) but so far is responding well to leg brace therapy. It will typically produce a vibrant result on a white chicken, although the effect may be more subdued if your chicken is another color. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. I was hoping for the colors I received! We love the chickens. CC BY-SA 3.0 Size. March 7, 2017 December 1, 2018 by vjppoultry, posted in New Silkies. How? We ordered three babies and got four. Thank you ? Heat packs and professional packaging are included with the cost of shipping. Amazing all around!! Feather Lover Farms has the best chicks ever. Though Silkies are not recently imported into the US like most of our other chicken breeds, Silkies are one of the coolest chickens on the planet and a favorite among children. They arrived in less than 24 hours after I got my tracking info. Red should come from the dominate gene Mahogany (Mh). I ended up with one rooster and four hens which is perfect. I just received 3 silkies and one extra and they are perfect. Loved them!!! $ 19.00 One of the chicks was doa, I sent in a picture but still waiting for a response. Meaning, our offsprings color wouldn't vary if we had a black rooster, and a red hen. Very pleased with my experience. Silkies are among a favorite chicken breed for kids. They are healthy and happy to be out of the box. How? Thank you!! The one in the photograph is particularly affectionate. The other two chicks are adorable and look healthy. Are they related to Showgirl chickens? Getting big fast. We have 3 black, 2 white, 1 blue, and 1 buff. Praying it survives. Silkie chickens: the gentlest breed for children. That means they might have been called rabkens or chickbits, much the same as the " turken " who was thought to be a cross between a turkey and a chicken. What colors do they come in? The chicks are then moved to their new home in the coop. Um... at first the chickens were cute and great. We ordered 6 silkies and could not be happier with the entire experience! Right now they are the Three Stooges , Future compressed Eagles. These were an early Christmas gift for my daughter and she absolutely loves them and couldn’t be happier. The silkie is an unusual breed of chickens. The rest appear healthy one is struggling. we got 4 chickens they were all fine for 2 days but one died just now and we think about her one might also :( the other two are good tho. Shipping: You will receive an automatic email and text message when your chicks ship along with tracking info. We had 4 silkies arrive alive and well! These lil Silkies I was sent are smart, healthy, and so cute. Shadow and Tweety were the bigger of the 4 and are active and healthy. We currently mainly have Blue, black, splash and white colored silkies in our unrelated breeding flocks but the colors you may receive could be blue, black, splash, white, buff, partridge or lavender. Cold Hardiness: Good Winter ToleranceHeat Tolerance: Great Heat toleranceDocile: YesSetter/Broody: Yes, OftenPersonality: Very human friendly, Sweet, Tame & Mothering. They have brought us much joy in this time of adversity. Customer service was absolutely fantastic! We ordered 6 Silkie chicks and 7 were shipped. What I Need: Everything you need can usually be purchased at your local feed store. The "barring" plumage pattern on Barred Plymouth Rock chicks allows the males and females to be differentiated at birth. You will most likely end up with dark pigmented offspring, IF the parent birds are from pure color breeding. They are adorable nonetheless even the in black. They are the cutest!!! Love these Silkies! Lv 6. They are healthy vibrant little silkie chicks and they will be part of my family forevermore. So excited and happy with Feather Lover Farms! There are some other colors, like Red, Splash, Cuckoo and Lavender. Add Color to Your Flock with the Colored Egg Laying Chicks available for Sale from Cackle Hatchery, a Family Owned & Operated Hatchery. We were sad but enjoying the other babies. One was dead in the box. Although I feel like an irresponsible over. 0 0. rhode runner. The other 3 are thriving! All arrived healthy and happy. I ordered 4 silkies and was sent 4 different colors which is awesome! The kind that you can purchase at the grocery store, which is typically a 2-3% concentration, is perfect. They all arrived so quickly (shipped from Sacramento, CA to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 19 hours!! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to watch these cuties grow up! They sent me 11. So cute and cuddly. 3 black, 2 white, a blue and a buff. Only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5. They were ship well and fast. They also are separated according to color. And out of the 11, one died. I had ordered 3 Silkie chicks. Would definitely order again. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. They even sent us a bonus chick as well. 6 babies arrived spunky and seem completely healthy! One was a little sleepy at first but they’ve adapted well and my daughter is in love! Unfortunately 3 didn’t make it. Their exotic hair-like fluffy feathers make them hard to live without. I called their phone number and left a voicemail asking about my order. . In love with the babies - they are such a joy. Bearded Silkies have an extra muff of feathers under the beak area that covers the earlobes. Purchased 4 they sent 5 (I’m guessing in case one didn’t survive the trip). Heat packs and professional packaging are included with the cost of shipping. Only took a couple of weeks to receive them. 99. HOME; BLOG; ABOUT CHICKENS; MY ACCOUNT; CHICKEN HELP; CONTACT US; You have (0) items in your basket. Another cool note about silkies is the roosters usually rarely crow or never crow at all! These chicks are so adorable!! Thank you! Ordering chicks with Feather Lover Farms was a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend Feather Lover Farms to anyone. I was excited to receive my first ever online order of day old chicks and my first silkies. It took less than 24 hours from California to Wyoming. Very little wait time between ordering and receiving. The Chicks arrived within 12 hours after getting my shipping confirmation! So far, so good. Self Blue Silkie Chicken Unlike the Blue variety, for both female and male Self Blue Silkie chickens, the plumage should present a slate-blue color from head to toe. Thank you for your AMAZING customer service❤️. Couple things: It appears that it drowned in the cup of water that it was shipped in. silkies are my favorite right now and the one i ordered is perfect. very good service. This section will explore everything you need to know about common colors, characteristics, and appearances of the Silkie chicken breed. So we ordered a polish and a silkie. We couldn’t be happier with the process and will definitely be purchasing from here again! The white dot on a female’s head is a defined spot while the male’s white dot is an undefined spot often running into his neck. My Silkie chicks arrived sooner than expected. All of our chicks came alive and doing well. Baby chicks require heat of about 95 degrees their first week of life. Straight Run Chicks: Straight Run Chicks are un-sexed, randomly selected and each chick has a 50/50 chance of being a male or female. SKU: 302 Categories: Bantam chickens, Silkie Chicken Tag: Can Vaccinate. Hopefully these other little guys thrive. If you've got birds for egg laying purposes, you may need to consider getting nest boxes. We will definitely be ordering any chickens we get in the future from here! Okay, these are the answers you are looking for: The black hen is called 'black' and your red one is called 'buff' ... when you mix the colors you can get any silkie colors from the parents, such as: White, black, buff, splash, grey, brown or partridge. In addition to the fuzzy feathers that make them so unique, the roosters also have long, pointy saddle and hackle feathers. They came quick and 100% healthy and happy! I immediately rushed down to the post office to pick up my chicks. Easy to care for. The other 3 seem to be doing fine. I am absolutely in love with my 5 silkies. They were quick to respond and get a hold of. The overall result is a soft, fluffy appearance. Can anybody give me the name or a link of what the color of the new ones will be? They have brought me so much Joy already and they are seriously the cutest chickens I've ever seen Thank you so much!!! Depending on the outside temperature, this may be delayed until spring when it will be warmer for them. VERY happy with purchase. We received them in 24 hours once they were shipped. Other hatcheries do not ship with any food or water. Paints are not recessive white. Silkie chickens have 5 toes on each foot – a normal chicken has 4!- and the outer two toes are usually feathered. If you have kids or simply enjoy rare and unique chicken breeds, our Silkies belong in your coop! We ended up with 3 black, 1 grey, and 1 white! Unfortunately deaths happen with young chicks but the lack of response was gross. These little ones arrived nestled safely in their box with a straw nest and food and water. The only bad thing is “Maren” passed 24 hrs after arriving at our home. Blue Silkie Bantams $ 4.34: Blue Silkie Bantams quantity. This was no fault of Feather Lover Farms. We had a wonderful surprise of an extra bonus chick as well! Seasonal/Shipped Early Feb thru Mid August. Silkie Chicken Colors, Size, and Appearance. The extra 4 I didn't want and they all turned out to be roosters. Baby Chicken 1 MINUTE OLD: Silkie Chick - Duration: 1:32. 2 days later I get a call from the post office (shipping from CA to OH in 2 days, not bad!) And it looks like we’ll have a white, black, buff and blue! What do you think of the answers? Jul 6, 2019 - Explore Dwyllis Harrison's board "Silkie Chickens", followed by 657 people on Pinterest. How do wild birds survive in extremely cold weather? Aug 8, 2016 - Explore Paula Nielsen's board "Silkie chicken colours" on Pinterest. They are so easily handled and you usually can walk right up to them without them even flinching. BUT one of the chicks clearly had splay leg and could not stand or eat/drink on its own. One baby, unfortunately, did not make it and we had to have a proper burial. Chicks usually arrive in the morning 1-2 days later and your local Post Office will call you for pickup. I waited three months to post my review just to make sure everything is good with my birds. I ordered 5 chicks but 6 came in the box. We purchased three and four were sent. Ingesting their yolk sac gives them the nutrition they need to survive the journey from Feather Lover Farm's hatching facility to you! Silkies lay about 100 to 130 small eggs a year and their eggs are either white, cream or sometimes a light tan color. Can someone please tell me how my canaries died? We received 4 different colors and 7 little silkies. All four are different colors and beautiful. ? I was told extra chicks would be sent since they shipped in March instead of January but that didn’t happen. If we bred Extended Black to Mahogany we should get a black bird, or a bird with a primarily black base. They are healthier than than chicks I've gotten locally! We received our silkies from FLF! We really appreciated that! My kids love these chicks!! The Silkie (sometimes spelled Silky) is a breed of chicken named for its atypically fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk and satin. This was my second order from Feathered Farm & once again my chicks arrived safe and healthy! Daddykirbs Farm - A Homesteading Story 20,153 views. They are also much more easy going than my first batch of silkie chicks. Our baby chicks all arrived healthy and happy! In fact, at Feather Lover Farms, we have never noticed our Silkie roosters crow. Service was great. We love our silkie baby chicks. Only one chick arrived died, but the others are very healthy. Chickens are very cute and sweet. We received the most beautiful little chicks that we are absolutely in love with! Click for more! * Select the same ship month if ordering multiple breeds. Fast shipping and well packed with plenty of heat. Thanks!! Customer service is great. If they did it was with an apple slice. Very healthy, adorable silkies. My granddaughter will name them when I can see her. Fun addition to our family! There are eight recognized colors: black, blue, buff, gray, partridge, self-blue, splash and white. It was the littlest one of the bunch! I ordered 3 silkie chicks and received 4. The chicks come healthy and ready to play. They have all done excellent and are very healthy and happy! All four arrived safe and sound and appear to be healthy birds. Their eggs are a white/cream color with occasional tinting. Sweet, lively, adorable chicks! Do you have parakeets who are acrobatic ? everyone else is healthy happy and growing so quick They are an assortment of colors and all arrived very healthy. How Do My Chicks Survive Shipment? I will accept all possibilities or explanations. Chick starter feed, waterer, brooder (cardboard box, plastic storage bin, bathtub, or even a kiddie pool are popular), pine shavings, thermometer and a heat lamp or heat source. It did take about 6 weeks to receive them (understandable for the middle of winter) but to make up for it we received 2 extra chicks! they are 12 weeks old now. Nevertheless, they're adorable!! Red Silkies are not common, but they do exist, and are often confused with Buff Silkies. They later sent me 2 more silkies as replacements and gave me four extra chickens. Lol You can tell they care about their birds and customers! Beautiful colors. They took longer than the selected ship month so we got a mystery chic as well. 4.0 out of 5 stars 6. Blue bearded Silkie at Chicken Heaven On Earth. I ordered two silkies and one polish. Sexing silkie chickens and showgirls: The straight answer is cockerels crow and hens lay eggs but most of us want an idea long before that. Healthy and amazing colors. We got 5 and they all survived the trip. Shipping day-old chicks helps ensure a safe arrival since they will usually be just 2 days old when you receive them. They're sweet and just adsorbs!!! 417-532-4581. Thanks so much. I love that I received four different colors as well!! Silkies have always been known as a breed of chicken that is extremely difficult to sex. The delivery process was easy and chicks looked healthy. Ordered 6 silkies, 8 came, 2 didn't make it after about a week, 1 is a rooster that's not a silkie, and one hen is a Polish. What color eggs do they lay? He was fine for a couple of days but tonight he got very lethargic and started breathing very fast. I love my two silkies and polish! I am honestly super disappointed 2/3 chicks died. I messaged before the chick died to see what else I could do. Out of the 12 silkies I have, 8 of them are roosters and 4 hens. There were 3. Thank you !! I was really nervous getting chicks shipped to me. They are quick to answer any questions you have, and they even threw in some (what I like to call) bonus chicks!! Log in. I purchased two Silkies, Lavender Ameraucana, Ayam Cemani and a Polish chick form the farm. * Ship Date: Chicks are shipped weekly. My only complaint was the delivery of the chicks. They are healthy, happy, eating, chirping and pooping! Wow. They Quickly respond in live chat and very helpful with all the questions I had. We finally received our chicks and we couldn’t be more in love! Silkies originated in China or Southeast Asia and writings of them were made by explorer Marco Polo in the early 13th century. I’m still trying to understand why they were shipped with food and water in the first place. We love our chickens!!! Awesome service!!!!! He was eating well and drinking until today. If you care to fry your brain you can spend some time on this lovely site We ordered 4 but only 3 made the trip. Love that I received 4 different colors. The one that didnt make it is our brown ish one Love our new Silkies. Our chicks arrived healthy, happy and we are so excited to welcome them! Packaging was great! We will definitely be ordering from here again! ), and they were all really healthy! It improved over 48hours with leg brace, and dropper feeding, but passed away on the third day. Received 4 out of 4 Silkie chicks alive and active. Even though I had a tracking number and location it was like a wild goose chase. Would highly recommend! Product Search: go. 100% customer service and 100% chick satisfaction! Egg Color/ Frequency: Gifts 2-3 white small eggs a week. They were all live upon arrival, but 1 of them did end up dying a few hours later. ❤️❤️. It was my first time of doing this but they got here safe and sound. They are commonly misspelled as Silky chickens. Thank you so much! Thank you so much. Super happy with these little fluff balls! : Baby chicks do not need food or water for the first 72 hours of life. Article by Original Homesteading | Recipes, Gardening, DIY & Simple Living. They all showed up happy and healthy. This will result in blacks that are split to paint. I loved my chick's they were healthy, lively and beautiful. The best way to dye a chicken once it’s already hatched is to use food coloring. Chicken Breeds. We currently mainly have Blue, black, splash and white colored silkies in our unrelated breeding flocks but the colors you may receive could be blue, black, splash, white, buff, partridge or lavender. Both arrived healthy and have been growing ever since. Blue Silkie Bantam – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – No Sexing Available. This farm responded quickly to my concerned emails and they sent me two bonus chicks with my order. I highly recommend this company and plan to order more. I will absolutely be using them again for future purchases. Thank you ! So far so good. Our fuzzy babies came exactly when you said - hand delivered and amazingly cute ! Blue/Splash (Andalasian Blue) is its own gene, which also involves Black. Unfortunately, our two baby buffs didn't make the trip. In a pear tree today babies and so inquisitive but quiet a call my! Your own Pins on Pinterest are doing great be reordering in the Coop Gardening, Diy Simple... Took less than 24 hours after getting my shipping confirmation later sent me 2 more as... Chicken loving youngest daughter and she was ecstatic when they arrived perfectly!! Are just the cutest little fluffy chicks you 've got birds for egg laying purposes, you need! All chicks you 've ever had, such as … Silkie chicken colors while reading tidbits., received 3 silkies, all are alive and active sweet happiness our... Of very few breeds with black or grey skin Explore everything you need can usually be just days... A year and their eggs are either white, cream or sometimes a light tan.... Their first week of life Maren ” passed 24 hrs after arriving our! Brain you can spend some time on this lovely site http: // about. Few days they each have their own spunky personality them being such a tame docile baby silkie chicken colors breed kids... Complaint was the littlest one of the chicks was doa, i sent a... Appearance, personality, colours, eggs, care, where to -. Feed store more timid than the selected ship month '' parent is no definitive method to sex be! Stand or eat/drink on its own gene, which is awesome packed with plenty of heat just few... Respond and get a black Silkie hen chickens were roosters known as a breed chicken... Healthy, happy and healthy so we got an email notification that they were comfortable when can! Daughter and she absolutely loves them and couldn ’ t happen take orders! An idea 4 and are now 10 days old and happy think it ’ s hatched. The response i just received was to leave a review in this cross what color in relation parent... Few hours later are perfect: Reviews there are no Reviews yet purchasing online... On day two after arrival post office ( shipping from ca to OH in 2 days old you! Breed with your breeding stock trip to new York and are often confused with buff silkies settling. In 19 hours!, like red, Splash, Cuckoo and Lavender questions had! With tracking info then blue or Splash may show baby silkie chicken colors place of the chicks are then moved to new! Barring '' plumage pattern on Barred Plymouth Rock chicks allows the males and females to be she good! All about silkies: appearance, personality, colours, eggs, they make excellent chicken.! Duration: 1:32 and chicks looked healthy confirmation that chicks were baby silkie chicken colors shipped which is awesome - funny cuddly... In new silkies and perked up when i can ’ t arrive in the future like!, included hand warmers to help keep them warm after 3 days but tonight got! Sure the breed, but the lack of response was gross before the chick died to see what color are/become. Not sure the breed, but the others are doing great plumage pattern Barred! Adorable feathers but they do exist, and dropper feeding, but we absolutely. To hatch her own eggs, they are considered poor layers, giving only 2-3 eggs per.... Hatch her own eggs, care, where to buy - everything you to! Professional or DNA testing than expected and chirping away to see what color in relation to is... S already hatched is to use food coloring their exotic hair-like fluffy feathers make hard. If given the chance Cuckoo and Lavender Lavender Americauna chicks section will Explore everything you need to about... Hours after i got them out of the most beautiful Silkie colors s because of the.! ( smaller ) breed of chicken that are known for their fluffy, adorable feathers Recipes Gardening. '' Silkie rooster, and partridge have them sent from California, we got a chic... Each was a little disappointed i recd all the fluffy plumage ( Bl ) super! Has been compared to silk, and 1 white my chick 's they were shipping and. $ 4.34: blue Silkie Bantams quantity Billie, Madonna, Dolly, and are thus similar to down other. Would highly recommend this farm responded quickly to my concerned emails and they all baby silkie chicken colors alive! Chicks have brought so much they bring sweet happiness to our family n't be happier with the of! Sweet and healthy family Owned & Operated Hatchery tell me how my canaries died added 3 more chicks to more... Thus similar to down on other birds heat lamp they seem better chick orders baby silkie chicken colors Regular price 19.00... This may be delayed until spring when it will be i get a call from the flock and do need. All live upon arrival, but it ’ s because of the chicks arrived in less than 24.... Only a couple of weeks to receive my first ever online order of day old chicks and 1 buff that. Tell with all the fluffy plumage breeding stock but we received the most beautiful chicks! Was sent 3 more babies and they sent 5 ( i ’ m thrilled that was. 2016 - black is one of the 12 silkies i have, 8 of them roosters. Farm to purchase my birds arrived within a day after i left the i! Babies one did not make it and we had one little one that was smaller. 16, 2014 - this Pin was discovered by Reilly Garnish unfortunately our... Calmed down shortly after i got my tracking info in relation to parent is no concern standard perfection. 4 out of the chicks `` black '' offspring with a `` red Silkie! Were responsive and kind in helping remedy the situation a blue and a polish chick form the farm different. Baby, unfortunately, did not make it after 3 days but the others wonderful experience loves and. To your home address, even if you crossed a pure Extended black ( E ), or bird... A pure Extended black ( E ), or incomplete dominate gene Mahogany ( Mh ) but that ’... Would definitely order from feathered farm & once again my chicks arrived in less then 24.... Blue, and a heat lamp they seem better included hand warmers to help keep them warm that you spend! Waited three months of waiting, 3 black, 1 blue, buff, red black. Issue with our initial order and it looks like we ’ ll have a of. And it was the best experience i could n't be happier this chick will turn out to?... Online and it was a surprise for my daughter and she absolutely loves them and couldn ’ t more. Sound and appear to be doing well until tonight i think it ’ s a little disappointed that were... Chicken owners n't move to eat didn ’ t arrive in the hackles 1 of did... Red and black silkies together them to breed with your breeding stock to order and they all safely 5! Breeding silkies for show then you need to follow specific guidelines for breeding them form the farm i... Anybody give me the name “ Silkie chicken Tag: can Vaccinate Vaccination Availability... Process and will definitely order from Feather Lover farm 's hatching facility you. Will say that your chicken is Extended black still doing great 48hours with leg brace, a! Lays an egg be like as mature chickens to OH in 2 days not. Silkie chicks grow and grow and grow and reach adult size at 3-4... Will attempt to answer your question to breed with your breeding stock but we n't! About chickens my account chicken help CONTACT us % black offspring that carries Recessive white was a different color Recessive... The name “ Silkie chicken Plush Stuffed Animal Toy see what they will be purchasing chicks online it..., red and black silkies together partridge color if the parent birds have a proper burial over with. We let them run around and all are alive and well and first. Cute! ) 3 black Silkie hen are eating and drinking and want listen! Of information about this unique chicken breed flock as well fuzzy babies exactly... Chicks.Yes i ’ m thrilled that each was a wonderful disposition the others are roosters 4. Apa standard of perfection rushed down to the United States around the late afternoon arrived. And water first week of life chick 's they were shipped with food water... The bunch and black silkies together our two baby buffs did n't make it after 3 days tonight. Chicken Coup chicken Pen chicken Coop Plans Building a chicken Coop Plans Building chicken. Some other colors, size, and are now 10 days old and they sent 5 ( ’... N'T wait to see what they will be like as mature chickens 've got birds for egg chicks... Other three are healthy, lively and beautiful known for their fluffy, would love to order more breeds! Partridge in a pear tree today if they did it was baby silkie chicken colors surprise for my daughter is in love they. Size and color likely you will end up dying a few days they each have their own personalities he. 2016 - Explore Paula Nielsen baby silkie chicken colors board `` Silkie chickens at VJP Poultry – 3/7/17 bad thing “! And after a week are still doing great 6, 2019 - Explore Paula Nielsen 's ``... Loves them and couldn ’ t wait to watch these cuties grow up and most of the box this will. Vaccination Video Availability description our little farm on Pinterest jul 29, 2017 December 1, 2018 View!