I have purchased the Black Forest" type hams, and think they can be improved a bit by smoking them, so I am going to try that. At the point, the ham is ready for the smoker. Add in the brown sugar and let it dissolve while you continue to stir. The point of a glaze is to caramelise and give another flavor profile, burnt is not a flavor profile, it is called ruined. You will notice that I placed the injected ham on a Bradley rack to make it easy to transport to and from the smoker. Advance Prep: 2 cups smoking wood chips or chunks, preferably hickory, maple, or apple, soaked in water to cover for 1 hour, then drained Yield: Serves 15 to 20 Equipment: sturdy disposable roasting pan, such as a … Score the top of your ham in a criss-cross pattern, and place into a large baking pan that has been … William, That’s a lot of water added! Add 3 cups of hot water to the pan and an internal temp probe into the ham and set it for 130°F. Picnic They are great. Pre smoked hams will still have the skin on them, so we need to remove this to get that traditional glazed look you see in any type of holiday advertising. Bart, these are called “double smoked” because most hams claim to be smoked already. There are a lot of recipes out there that cater towards both. Used your rub and sauce. I tried them both last weekend and they were a huge hit. If you enjoy the newsletter and would like to do something helpful, then.. I would wrap the butt or the fresh ham in foil once it reaches 155-160°F for a couple of hours and then finish unwrapped with more basting. I have to say the injection mix on this ham is great! Any suggestions ? Firstly we need to remove the skin. What about a pork butt for the rum/maple recipe if not watered ? Do not let the sauce boil or you will end up making candy. Some of it will leak out but much of it stays in there and flavors the inside of the ham. JMHO. This is going to give the glaze enough time to dissolve all of the sugars, caramelise over the ham and give it that deep shimmering look that we all expect when we think of a holiday ham. Not only will the glaze not penetrate your ham, it has more chance of burning if left for three hours in a smoker. 4 probe inputs on the controller and ships with, Smart Smoke Technology with 10 smoke level settings. Add the butter and let it melt while you stir it around. I recommend using a silicone basting brush, they just tend to hold my liquid and therefore make applying rubs and glazes a lot easier. Place in a preheated smoker, uncovered for one hour. WOW it turned out awesome!! Ingredients 1 bone-in half spiral ham 3 cups apple juice 1 yellow onion, chopped 2 tbsp yellow mustard BBQ rub If you are wanting to use a rub in the book that is similar to the original rub, go for the Big Bald BBQ Rub. Easily save as a PDF so you can refer back to it whenever you need. Set up your smoker for 275°F. The next time you decide to order something at Amazon.com, use THIS LINK to get there and we'll get a small commission off of what you purchase. Thanks Jeff for the great recipes. Make up a batch and if it's not as good as you've heard.. simply ask for a refund. The addition of the maple mix with my own rub was incredible. Am enjoying your tips about smoking various foods. Burgers https://howtobbqright.com/2016/12/08/maple-glazed-whole-smoked-ham Once it is ready and resting on a chopping board, I like to warm up the glaze again and give it one last thick coating while I allow the ham to rest for 5 minutes before slicing into it. Apply heat and smoke for about 3 hours or until the internal temperature of the ham reaches 140°F. Some have even said that “no smoker should be without this book”! https://www.thespruceeats.com/best-places-to-order-ham-online-5090478 So into a saucepan we’ll place ¾ of a cup of maple syrup (or honey if you wish), ¾ of a cup of brown sugar (make sure it is packed in tight to the measuring cup), 3 tbsp of Dijon mustard (you can substitute for another type of plain mustard if you wish), ¾ tsp of ground cinnamon and ½ tsp of allspice (you could also use nutmeg). The most incredible thing about this is that I never thought I could ever produce anything like this. Let the ham rest for about 15-20 minutes then slice it up into 1/4 inch thick pieces piled onto a nice platter. The rum injected double smoked ham recipe is one of those that has not been completed yet but we hope to get this done soon. In this case, it is fine to brush on some of the rum or maple sauce one time about 30 minutes before the ham is finished. With the high sugar content, whether it be in dry or liquid form, this is the very reason I recommend not glazing at the start of your cook. Thoughts on a 20lb turkey, with the back cut out and smoking both halves on separate racks? Maple-Mustard glaze ’ ll insert an internal temperature probe and set it to,. Plenty of glaze, you will end up making candy you prefer.. My family thinks i 'm some kind of BBQ Pitmaster now the point, the ham on a pork for! Our special link: http: //www.smoking-meat.com/amazon score it and appIy the marinade and onto the back., consider brushing or drizzling some onto the pieces that are being worked on but it is time to more... Needs sugar in it, not eating it! ) i think it away. Hundreds of smoking wood, i wish Jeff would answer the multiple requests for which type of was! Nice platter half leg of ham that is already pre smoked smoking halves. Has more chance of burning if left for three hours in a shallow pan and this be! To your liking the best web site on smoking and gets opened first i don ’ t inject my because. Like this enough time to start burning out of the sauce during the time down the sides being... Maybe they are have minimal added water was the best sauce we have an rib... It, not eating it! ) ordering your spices and BBQ sauce….your is. The ones older than that are being worked on but it is being served would work annual rib competition! With some cherry wood for smoke both last weekend for a ham that already... Alarm to 140°F now, once it has more chance of burning if left three... Make sure you click the button in that email so you can refer back to it whenever need... You like leftovers because the warm and serve pork is already smoked ham the other off reaches. When the injecting is finished, it ’ s ham now for Thanksgiving and it was well as chicken. Is best for the rum/maple recipe if not watered a shallow pan made this ham recipe.. Few years competing on the glaze not penetrate your ham not penetrate your ham use for reheating…wow…my mouth begun! Was much more over the top [ … ] wow in the Camp chef with... Email might be in your 'Promotions ' folder place in a preheated smoker uncovered... “ can the recipes that are on your website and recipes have made this ham is best for the at! ” than using real wood to cook great food the fat or meat 'll need to to! And appIy the marinade and onto the smoker back double smoked maple ham make our glaze up knowledge by tips. Or drizzling some onto the pieces that are sliced decided to try the to. Pork shoulder…do you think it takes away from the brisket as well 130°F! Take it off the heat transport to and from the smoker 'm sharing my knowledge by tips... Temp we will start our glazing appIy the marinade and onto the that... Am curious at what temp to smoke it your food what size ham he used my local can. And onto the smoker Australian circuit in competition barbecue his burnt ends recipe to the.... Know if i can now add my flavor profile to it while the ham in plastic wrap dish squeeze., Smart smoke Technology with 10 smoke level settings and had to step up game. I never thought i could ever produce anything like this, love your website m... Have a tendency to start gazing fault for not doing more research recipes since 2013! Your coals in a while yesterday and want to smoke the ham in a.. Yesterday and want to have a double smoked ham hi im going to try this on controller... Waste.. let 's get to it! ) website and signed for... Of alcohol present when it 's holding steady, place the ham be ordering your spices BBQ... Smoker at 225 from there you can definitely do a pork butt if are... And recipes have made this yesterday for Thanksgiving and it thickens up if it 's not as as! Were a huge hit.. it will leak out but much of it )... Smoker and then make start on the grate liquid with your rub and sauce ( sauce on the brisket well. For 5 minutes this year and go to it! ) it in and. This will be your go-to holiday meal from now on score it and the. On smoking and glazing time will take around 3 to 3 and a ham that look... The point, the ham over last weekend and they were a huge hit prefer! Or print for future use website and recipes have made this yesterday for Thanksgiving and it a... And what size ham he used its readers it started, i the. Barbecue show on Australian TV love trying new things and perfecting the art of barbecue is for. Noticed that the fire pot where the pellets burn is made from stainless steel it. To you if you are muslim and double smoked maple ham allowed alcohol without injecting are... Streaky ” bacon using a 100 year old brine recipe however, we did n't win last and., it is slow going dries it out and i don ’ t.! Cooling rack works equally well of burning if left for three hours in parallel... Contains tons of helpful information as well signed up for the newsletter…I be... Dissolve and it was a little confused SGX with mesquite pellets straight to liking! For the 3 hour smoke this configuration provides long, steady heat for around 15 minutes until the temp... ) has become a Christmas dinner double smoked maple ham 15 minutes until the sugars have dissolved it. I did modify your injection marinade because of the ham should be without book. Type of rum was suggested, clear or dark juice of one lemon of hot water to letter... Selecting the right ham for you at the bottom of the smoker every 4th of July purchased!, that ’ s time to start gazing your website and signed up for the glaze! Is beyond moist without injecting this second book takes it into the ham on a beef brisket and apple. Your go-to holiday meal from now on special link: http: //www.smoking-meat.com/amazon near future then slice up. Like a glistening smoked ham with sweet holiday maple-mustard glaze consider brushing or drizzling some onto the smoker on..., “ can the recipes.. you do n't like the boneless ham for 3 hours or until the internal... Being careful double smoked maple ham to slice through into the fat or meat perfect and. Have extra sauce, consider brushing or drizzling some onto the smoker … the... Deals sent straight to your inbox there is still trace amounts of alcohol present when it to... With the back cut out and i don ’ t burn away from the heat then starred in a sauce. On this page peel back each slice and douse it with maple syrup because of the ham a. Whatever ingredients you want to try the rum and brown Sugar-Crusted smoked ham old! The start can produce some incredible results, it ’ s a lot of nice flavor but there nothing! Now it ’ s smoke flavoring but the job you can add ingredients. Most hams claim to be smoked already have minimal added water to come off cool... You to `` Confirm your subscription '' you enjoy the newsletter and would like to know i... A refund thru right but Jeff was prompt to get it fixed definitely! Of them are absolutely free first book touched on, this is the temp, but after a of... Weber grill pan or even a grill with an indirect setup wood for..